The aim of FOUNDRY & MACHINING is to satisfy customer demand from the manufacturing industry. This is the coverage by the overall supply of engineering products. We manufacture custom, ie according to client specifications, mostly based on supplied drawings, mostly in pieces, small to medium series. Assortment, we focus mainly on castings, weldments, forgings including machining and assembly possible.

Our activities can be seen as supplies finally been machined or even semi-assembled, with the maximum possible surface finish. These surface treatments, such as electroplating or hot-dip galvanizing, tinning, anodizing, pickling, plating, painting, etc.. can also form part of our supply. The degree of finalization of the stock depends on the specific client request.

F & M focuses its products to customers operating in various manufacturing industries, especially in wood, paper, food, chemical, railway and automotive industries - both domestically and in foreign markets.

Our customers want to offer comprehensive services, so we do not just individual types of products, but almost solutions "from the initial idea after commissioning." To find the optimal solution, contact us at the time thinking about your projects or initial construction proposals.

Technical support and services:

Cooperate with the customer when debugging sample pieces and we do ongoing supervision of series production. We are ready to help in the implementation of technological and production changes during production. Also, we provide the necessary technical specifications and accompanying documentation selling pieces or reports, including reports on measurements.

We can also help you even if you need to produce a part and you only have physical stock (whether raw or machined), model, dies when there is incomplete or no documentation.

Here we list our main steps in the collaboration:

  1. Calculation processing according to supply and provision of demand sent individually.
  2. Making patterns, jigs, gauges or other auxiliary component prefabrication.
  3. Production of raw material stock or other mechanical assemblies according to the set of technical documentation.
  4. Design and finishing processes work so that material could be transferred to other manufacturing operations. For example, the design blasting, heat treatment and surface treatment.
  5. Working - we can realize as a partial (roughing, when the final operation performed by the customer), or even completely finished with us (to carry out all prescribed operations). If required, we can deliver measurement protocols and other supporting documents (certificates, etc.)
  6. Preparation for shipment (preservation, packing and storage in shipping containers)
  7. Transport to the customer.

If you would like to be able to further assist in the implementation of your needs, call or write - we welcome your suggestions.